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More and more people are requesting Christian Counseling as a form of therapeutic intervention. As a matter of fact, insurance companies see this form of counseling as a desirable specialty due to their customer requests. But, what is Christian Counseling? Many believe it is a form of spiritual counseling meant to address all spiritual beliefs and experiences. One might even think it just means that the counselor is a "Christian". However, this is not the case.

Let me briefly explain what Christian counseling is. Christian counseling is simply the task of implementing God's truth, written in the Bible, to our everyday life experiences. God speaks very directly to our experiences of anxiety, depression, fears, worry, grief, hurt, trauma, and overall disappointments in life. He even gives us specific advice on marriage, family, parenting, and relationships. It is this advice that a Christian counselor will implement into therapy. They help their client develop a bridge between their current emotions and experiences and God's truth.

Christian therapists will utilize specific biblical scriptures to assist in the healing process. For example, in John 10:10, Jesus talks about the "abundant life" given to his followers. When a Christian comes into therapy they are usually not feeling as if their life is overflowing with abundance. Therefore, a Christian counselor will help them achieve a more fulfilling life by gaining more understanding in ways of implementing God's principles into their daily lives (John 8:32).

In other examples, God wants His children to live in peace with themselves and others (John 14:27, Romans 12:16,18). He wants them to love themselves, love others, and be forgiving (Romans 13:9, 10, Matthew 6:14). He wants them to not be anxious or fearful (Matthew 6:25-34, Philipipians 4:6-7, I Peter 5:7). He wants them to be free of anger (Ephesians 4:26-27, 29-32). He wants them to be free of addictions (I Corinthians 6:12, John 8:36).

These are just a few examples of how Christian Counselors use God's Word to assist their clients with gaining practical wisdom and knowledge, with the goal of achieving greater peace.

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